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Top Ways to Trade Penny Stocks

As you most likely already know, penny stock investing is quite risky. Actually, it is most likely the most unsafe investing approach of all. And also it is likewise quite profitable. Nothing beats being a proprietor of a stock, whose share price went from $0.12 to $22 in a couple of weeks. Yet not every penny stock trading coincides. There are as lots of techniques as there are capitalists, though we could recognize three significant techniques that are the most usual. You absolutely need to consider picking among them, and after that fine-tuning it even more to match your trading design.

1. Low-cost Stocks On Major Stock Exchanges

By common meaning the shares of penny stocks are trading below $5. There are really lots of stocks like that on major stock market, like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ or AMEX. Trading these penny stocks is equally as safe as trading any kind of stock on these exchanges. Stocks listed on major exchanges need to undertake extremely strict coverage demands, so you can be certain those firms mean business. They are not some covering firms began for whatever suspicious factors, however recognized businesses with a past and also a future.

All this may appear safe sufficient, or a minimum of not riskier than regular stock trading. Nevertheless you have to take into consideration one significant downside before deciding to comply with the course of trading low-cost stocks on major stock exchanges.

Companies that want to be detailed on NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX need to pay huge listing fees. So, penny stocks you locate on these exchanges are probably not tiny business just beginning in hopes of succeeding. Most likely they are as soon as large business, whose share price dropped because of monetary difficulties or a few other dire factors. Merely take Sprint (S) as an example, detailed on the NYSE. In the year 2000, at the optimal of the dot-com craze, the share rate of Sprint visited $75, only to get to the lows of $2 in 2012. Since October, 2014 it is trading at around $6.

Your major work when utilizing this method is to learn why a particular penny stock is trading on such a low share price. You have to count on your picked stock, that regardless of the bad times it can still soar in the future.

2. Stocks On Over-The-Counter Markets and Pink Sheets

On over the counter (OTC) markets and also Pink Sheets you will not locate firms that were as soon as huge however have fallen from grace. These penny stocks are normally truly tiny start-ups with a share rate listed below $1. There are countless them, and also you could not overlook the research essential to remove those 95 % of them which are worthless. OTC penny stocks have other sort of dangers completely.

They are extremely illiquid. Very few shares are traded daily, so if you buy a stock on an OTC market, later you may find yourself in a position that you simply could not market it for profit, due to the reduced volume and also a huge spread between the proposal and also the ask cost. You won’t be able to discover a buyer.

The various other risk is that the wonderful majority of stocks on OTC markets are truly poor quality, scrap stocks, as well as just a few of them are worth more study. Knowing how you can find the good ones is the key point.

3. Trip The Pump As well as Dump

This is certainly the most unsafe method. Penny stock trading gets all the bad press mainly because of the pump-and dump systems.

Pump-and-dump is a typical as well as unethical (also criminal) activity where fraudsters buy up most of shares of a low quality OTC penny stock, and then they promote it heavily, to ensure that unsuspecting financiers purchase the stock as well, consequently driving up the share cost. When the share rate has actually rocketed, the scammers simply market their shares, creating the instant collapse of the share rate, leaving the investors with an useless penny stock, incapable to recuperate.

The question then is could you profit manipulating this illegal task. There are 2 means. The initial method is most likely unethical, however the second means will certainly make you the king of penny stock trading.

The initial technique is to determine a pump-and-dump system as very early as feasible, as well as enter while the share cost is still increasing. Even more notably you will have to venture out before the share cost collapses. In other words, you are doing exactly just what the fraudsters are finishing with the stock, just with a lot less information. This, of course, is a quite high-risk strategy, as well as possibly an underhanded one, because – if you succeed – you are plainly taking the money from the victims of the scam.

The other far more interesting technique is to short the pump-and-dump penny stock at the specific minute, when you are sure the share rate has reached its top and also the collapse looms. This is exactly how Timothy Sykes, the renowned penny stock millionaire made $3 million out of $12,000 in a couple of years. If you are good at technological analysis and have accessibility to suitable study tools, you can evaluate for feasible pump-and-dump penny stocks and also go against the group by shorting them.

The Verdict

Whichever strategy you pick, constantly bear in mind that you are sailing the most hazardous waters of investing if you are managing penny stocks. Discovering and investigating is important in every sort of investing, yet in the case of penny stocks it is definitely important. Always do your research and your benefits will be big and also fast profits.