Marijuana Penny Stocks, Best MJ, Pot, and Cannabis Companies


I need to tell you guys about marijuana penny stocks specifically I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me two days ago which will put all of this in perspective once and for all. So I take medical marijuana. I go back to the marijuana doctor every four months or so just so they can check in and see. What are the best marijuana penny stocks, best MJ, pot, and cannabis companies?
I got 500 bucks why don't I put into a marijuana company because marijuana is the up-and-coming thing it's big thing right now they think it's a good idea to risk their money. I get that, I was no different than you guys and I'm not you. I get it, you should be looking into where the good investments everywhere. To get involved with the thing is that what's happening, there's a lot of promotion of a lot of these crappy marijuana companies. They're losing some of them tens of millions but some of them are losing hundreds of millions of dollars. They're valued as you know, hundreds of millions of dollars on the stock exchange but the company's got two employees. They're making no revenues or very anemic revenues and they're already underwater. I mean there's some that they all have five dollars for every dollar that they own.
Now it doesn't matter if they're involved in a great industry, such as up-and-coming marijuana industry. What matters is that the rules of business have never changed. If they all five dollars for every dollar they own then they will go bankrupt. These companies, a lot of them are around right now, and they're being driven by people who are just jumping on board the train but they aren't really looking or understanding what they're investing in and that's where I come a long.
Maybe I'm a wet blanket, I don't know. I don't want to ruin this for you guys. Marijuana companies are excessively overvalued if you look at the relative strength index which shows you how overbought or oversold the stock is. The typical marijuana related company even indirectly marijuana related company. The typical company right now has a relative strength index above 85, anything about 65 is going to start looking like it's a little bit overbought or there's been too much buying. These companies cannot sustain these levels and they can't do it from a technical basis they can't sustain these levels from a fundamental basis which is sort of what we're really good at looking at.
Eighty percent of our analysis looks at fundamentals you know, what's driving these prices is simply people who aren't looking underneath the hood so to speak and they're just put more money into it. Eventually this will come back down and people start trying to trample all over each other to get out and I'm not just saying this you know. I'm not against marijuana, I use it myself every night, I'm against people losing money because they're trying to make their small amount of investment dollars into something more significant and I'm trying to help people be pointed in the right direction and avoid these manias and these frenzies which we've seen before time and time again, even in the marijuana industry, let alone all the other times.
 You've seen it with a dot-com bubble and going back as far as you want to go. There's tons of these manias and that's why people give a bad name to penny stocks because they're going to put 500 bucks and some of these companies that don't have a hope in hell of ever even making any revenues let alone paying off what they already owe or slowing down their bleed rate where they're dumping 10 million dollars every three months and just overspending. anybody can spend five dollars to make one dollar, that's not hard. This is what these marijuana companies are doing and they're riding the frenzy that surrounding marijuana all the way up to astronomically ridiculous levels and you know people can argue me. They're like what about this, what about that, but this ends the same way. It always ends and I'm just trying to put it out there. Maybe it helps you.
 Now people are going to blame the Trump administration, I would bet, because when these thoughts start coming back down they're not going to say "oh" while they were really bad fundamentally in the first place and so they're just doing what the market always does with every single stock in the history of mankind. They're going to say that all the Trump administration ruined it because they came out with a little tougher stance on marijuana and it took the wind out of their sails. That kind of reasoning makes me angry because with or without regardless of who's in the White House, even if it was somebody who is in favor of marijuana, these stocks are coming back down for reasons unrelated to any administration. They're coming back down because of reality and what happens when a company is worth total assets of under a million dollars but they have five million dollars within the next 12 months coming up in terms of all the liabilities. They have the bells, they got to pay. These companies are coming back down.

This is my experience with the cannabis doctor. I was actually even talking to the nurse practitioner afterwards when I said, "look at all the people asking about marijuana," and she's laughing because she's a big marijuana fan obviously. But she knows something about investing and she could even see, even a child could see that this is a frenzy. Let me ask you a question, do you think that the marijuana play is a little bit overheated right now and do you think that maybe it's a crowded trade? Now, let me ask you another question, what happens when there is a crowded trade, what if everybody you know is buying into the latest stocks? Typically the prices of those stocks are well overvalued. You're paying too much for that if everyone you know suddenly goes out and starts buying snow shovels, soon the supply of snow shovels declines and the cost of each snow shovel increases and people are overpaying for something that they could get a lot lower in price either later or a couple months from now.

Now in terms of time frame, I keep doing this lately and it's a really bad idea but I keep putting dates on things. Marijuana stocks are coming back down. I have no question about that but is it going to happen in the next few years. It's going to happen tomorrow. Anything could happen any time especially short-term. It's really difficult to predict it but I'm talking about these stocks coming back down one way or another and I'm not talking about years. I'm talking about months or more, likely even weeks.

A lot of the things that are going to bring the stock down are going to start rising up and sort of becoming more widely known and once these shares start to collapse they don't do it at the same rate in which they increased. If it took them seven months to increase they don't take seven months to come back down. It will take two days and if you don't believe me, you'll see what I mean.

I'll make you a deal, you watch some of these marijuana stocks and if they do drop, if the value drops over the course of three or four days then you can come back and say, "okay, so turns out you are right." And then you can start to maybe listen to me a little bit more because I've been making continuous videos about how to value these marijuana companies.

I'm not against marijuana and I'm not against penny stocks obviously. I am against people who maybe are less sophisticated investors who find out about these companies. They see and talk about marijuana on the news. Then they see an unsolicited fax or email to them saying like, "look at this marijuana company and they're going to change the world because of this and that." They're getting duped into taking their hard-earned money and investing it in some of these ridiculous companies that are doomed.

So protect yourself from this kind of stuff. I know it's tough to not jump on board the trade that everybody else is jumping on board of. If everyone's going to buy marijuana stocks, maybe you feel like getting left out or you're missing the boat. Your friend bought it at a dollar now it's at a dollar forty and he's talking to you all about how much money he's made. You can't fall for that stuff. Time is on your side. Sit back and relax. Invest in penny stocks the right way which is what we show you how to do on that Peter leads Youtube channel.

We have all these videos. If you watch it,  you're going to learn how to avoid stampedes and manias just like this one. Now, when marijuana becomes more socially acceptable as it is definitely tending to do. I mean, they say that there's nothing that's going to stop an idea whose time has come and when you see some of the benefits of medical marijuana you realize that it's ridiculous that it's not already no more widely used and trusted. So, what's going to happen is that the social shift will come along. It will convert everyone. It will be more open to the whole concept it will not be such a taboo for some people anymore. But you know I mean, there's kids, there's children having 1020 seizures a day and all they have to do is they smoke weed to stop it. They don't even need to smoke it. They can take liquids like cannabis oil that's the only thing they do differently and that number of seizures drops to one a day.

Now picture if you're the parent of one of those kids, what are you going to do?

What's going to happen is as marijuana becomes more widely acceptable, a lot of large corporations that are well-funded and established are going to have some of their operations focus on profiting from marijuana and I'm talking about big vitamin companies, alcohol companies, maybe pharmaceuticals, cigarette makers.

There are companies that are worth billions of dollars that would come along and then you've got to get some of this competition in other ways. So, look, there's this cannabis company that has six employees and they're in debt of million dollars and they're losing 20 million dollars a day. It's not gonna be hard for these bigger companies to just sweep them out of the way, squash them or even do nothing.

These startup companies will go bankrupt by themselves and this entire industry, every dollar that can be made through this, will be winding up going to some of these bigger corporations as is always the case which is what's led to the rise of things like for example Walmart or McDonalds.

It's a winner-take-all world. The winners are going to keep being the winners. The ones that are trying to become a winner are overspending.

They know like the idea of marijuana so it's a guy and his wife and four other people packing marijuana boxes in a factory somewhere. They don't know what they're doing in terms of business. They're not going to be around in a few years. So just be careful from these stocks. You got to watch yourself and you should not get involved in some of these manias and fads at the beginning. There's lots of potential profits to be made but when you know it's kind of getting a little like old in its life cycle, when things are about to turn down a little bit. You don't want to be getting into the frenzy right now because it'll cost you money. The best marijuana penny stocks, best MJ, pot, and cannabis companies are coming in the market soon once they start generating revenue and ultimately profit for all investor. Wait and see.

PostI need to tell you guys about marijuana penny stocks specifically I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me two days ago which will put all of this in perspective once and for all. So I take medical marijuana. I go back to the marijuana doctor every four months or so just so they can check in and see. What are the best marijuana penny stocks, best MJ, pot, and cannabis companies? I got 500 bucks why don't I put into a marijuana company because marij...