Marijuana Stocks to Buy Before, During, and After Legalization


On November 8th tens of millions of Americans will cast their ballots on one of the most controversial issues in modern history its divided friends families and neighbors and it's caused protests to erupt in major cities from Washington DC in New York to Los Angeles Dallas and even Topeka Kansas. What marijuana stocks to buy before, during, and after legalization? At stake is the future of a taboo vice that has ignited a modern-day Gold Rush yet it has nothing to do with this precious metal but everything to do with a shocking commodity that could soon be five times more valuable than gold itself and even though over half of the country cannot legally obtain it at any cost, already it is transforming everyday Americans from coast to coast into millionaires virtually overnight and they didn't have to break a single law to rewrite their financial destinies.
This highly sought-after commodity is expected to create 6.7 billion dollars of new wealth and that's just this year. By 2020, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch estimate that will grow to 35 billion dollars and many experts believe it could eventually reach 150 to 200 billion dollars each and every year.
November 8th marks the date when this could kick into hyper-drive which means time is running out for you to get in on the ground floor of an event - so big none of us will ever witness it again in our lifetimes. The end of a prohibition marijuana's prohibition you have the chance right here right now to legally become what People magazine describes as a marijuana millionaire. In fact, this November you could be sitting on a pile of cash all from weed and without ever coming within a country mile of a single joint.
Keep watching and I'll show you how. My name is Michael Robinson, during my career I have been a board member for a Silicon Valley venture capital firm and a senior advisor to 12 high tech startups. 20 years ago if you came up and told me, "hey Michael if you want to get rich quick get into the weed business," I would have said, "sure pal, are you a cop?" But my, oh my, the times they are a-changin, forget tobacco, marijuana has the United States top cash crop and the numbers don't lie. A single plant can produce anywhere from seven thousand to fifteen thousand dollars or more worth of marijuana. So while money may not grow on trees, when you're talking about weed piles of cash are bursting out of the ground. Very soon there could be thirty five billion dollars a year, in those piles then a hundred and fifty billion dollars a year and then two hundred billion.
The fast-approaching into marijuana's prohibition has kicked off.
Brook Green is a former commercial banker who was now making millions from her pot shop and Chloe Volk now in her 30's is no longer a bikini model. An event planner she discovered the grass was truly greener when she followed a different path. Her net worth is over two million dollars and get this, she doesn't even sell weed. Chloe offers business advice on licensing and branding marijuana products as well as mergers and acquisitions.
Rabbis, commercial bankers, bikini models, former Google executives, all of these people are growing rich off weed so why aren't you? Sure it's technically an illegal vice according to the federal government but 25 states have said we don't care. They pass laws allowing medical marijuana. 16 states have decriminalized it for recreational use. Four states plus the District of Columbia have made both recreational and medical use completely legal. And with every new piece of pot legislation that has been passed incredible wealth has been created very quickly but never before have so many states voted on this issue in a single day. This is going to be a record breaker which is why even well-known celebrities can't resist the green Gold Rush. Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana is investing in weed now.
This Green Gold Rush is happening right now but things are about to get even more exciting and to stake your claim to this historic cash grab. You don't have to operate a dispensary that sells retail reefer or become a farmer who plants the pot. You could become the next marijuana millionaire from the stock market. Think about this during this recent run of states passing legislation to legalize weed, no fewer than forty four marijuana stocks have shot up over 1,000%. Eleven of them have surged past ten thousand percent. Five have exploded over twenty five thousand percent. Three have soared over fifty thousand percent and one has even surpassed one hundred and thirty thousand percent gains. Now maybe you don't smoke weed or maybe you do but don't inhale maybe you're looking for a strain of cannabis that will pair well with a wine and cheese party. If so, the review suggests ultra Sonia is your ticket or maybe you're suffering from insomnia fortunately MKULTRA is described as a perfect sleep aid for those who might need a little help hitting the hay.
If marijuana helps your pain I say go for it take a toke and if you want to smoke it in the comfort of your home it's none of my business. My business is the stock market and the business of weed stocks is booming which is why the people running these marijuana companies are not characters best suited for a Cheech and Chong movie far very far from it. Take Vape Holdings, its CEO was a former US naval officer with a master's degree in nuclear engineering. After graduating he ran the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carriers onboard nuclear reactors but today he's in the weed business selling vaporizer technology. Back in 2014 when a small group of states passed marijuana legislation the stock of a polling shot up from 40 cents a share to 35 dollars and 90 cents over the course of about four months. That's an eight thousand eight hundred and seventy five percent rise. Now look at mountain high acquisitions core, it was founded by a man who spent the previous 35 years of his life as an accountant but he traded in the non-stop excitement of fighting audits and filing tax returns for his small business clients to launch his marijuana company that focuses on nutraceutical products. It was a smart move because his stock which was once trading for just ten cents a share has risen as high as 14 dollars.
Investors who time that - just where I could have grabbed a thirteen thousand nine hundred percent winner, where if you want to quench the numbers taking a five hundred dollar flyer on the stock of Mountain High Acquisitions Corp, could have put seventy thousand dollars in your pocket.
These are just two of the many weed stocks that have already provided incredible rapid-fire windfalls for investors who had the guts to jump into what has become the fastest growing industry in the United States and there's nothing stopping you from getting in on the next round of this pot stock Gold Rush. But you must hurry on November 8th as many as 20 states are set to vote on legalizing marijuana for medical recreational use or both. Right now sixty-one percent of the American public believes weed should be legalized. Doctors are even more fervent in their views about pot. In fact, 82 percent of surveyed oncologists approve of medical marijuana. Dr. Donald Adams of the University of California is one of them. Every day he recommends cannabis used to his patients to treat a long line of conditions. Why? Because it works. He then proposed a question if physicians are in support of cannabis as a medicine.
Why is it not medicine? The voters in state after state are quickly coming to an agreement that it is because the evidence is impossible to ignore. 23,000 scientific papers have been released on the medical applications of wheat, Alzheimer's, cancer, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, autoimmune diseases. The list goes on and on. So, this November if it's announced that President Trump will be taking over the White House it doesn't matter. President Clinton, it still doesn't matter. It doesn't even matter if enough Americans write Mickey Mouse on their ballots to put him in the Oval Office. When all of these new weed laws are put to a vote the chances are absolutely immense that the vast majority of them will pass. That means if you know which pot stocks to invest in right now, when you step in that voting booth, you won't just be casting your ballot for your next president, senator and house representative. You could also be punching your ticket to a 7-figure weed windfall.
Now, a word of warning. I'm going to be talking mostly about penny stocks and they're absolutely more risky and volatile than your run-of-the-mill blue chips but by putting a couple of hundred bucks in just a few of these next generation weed companies you could make more money from the stock market than you've ever seen before in your life unless of course you've turned a 500 dollar stock investment into over $600,000 before. If so, you might have the chance to do it again and probably starting right around November 8th.
That's a truly exceptional situation, one nearly impossible for any investor to anticipate ahead. I'm going to tell you about a catalyst that's just been set off. It could ignite the next generation of insane weed windfalls but for a single vote is cast during the November elections. So you're going to want to get into these tiny stocks right now. Okay, here's a brief look at the previous we'd windfalls and their undeniable connection to we'd legislation in March of 2016.
Pennsylvania's House of Representatives voted to become the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. The legislation didn't just squeak through either it passed 149 to forty six and as US news described it: it set off cheers into your Nate Chamber so that leads us to the digital Development Group. They offer internet subscriptions for independently produced content. They even have an exclusive streaming agreement with Amazon. This company launched the digital channel MJ 360 TV. The channel caters to those who have a fondness for weed the digital.
Development Group is a tiny company on February 26th. Its stock was trading for well below a penny it was so cheap you probably could have bought 50,000 shares for the price of an OK cup of coffee at a truck stop but by March 11th, so about two weeks, later this stock had shot up one thousand five hundred percent right in line with Pennsylvania's legislation. If this was a lone case you could chalk it up as a coincidence but I have 44 stocks that surged past 1,000%. That suggests otherwise, let's go back to 2015, the year Georgia and Texas legalized medical cannabis and Delaware decriminalized weed the same year, the stock of Rocky Mountain High a company that sells a line of hemp infused energy drinks surged three thousand one hundred and fifty seven percent in a little over two months.
Now go back to 2014 Minnesota and New York passed legislation legalizing medical marijuana, Alaska and Oregon gave a big green thumbs up for recreational marijuana use and Maryland decriminalized cannabis. This was an enormous year for marijuana stocks takes own properties they build sustainable facilities for medical marijuana. Growers care to take a guess how high zone property stock spiked over the course of roughly 3.5 months eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty-one percent. Pretty good, right? Not as good as United Cannabis Corporation a grower of genetically refined strains of medical grade cannabis plants in early February. It was trading for about six cents a share, by early April, ten dollars and fifty cents, so this stock shot up sixteen thousand seven hundred percent over the course of two months. I will repeat that United Cannabis Corporation sixteen thousand seven hundred percent in only two months. But if you are willing to wait an extra month for your payday you could have made about twice that return with Green Cures Botanical Distribution. They create hemp infused nutritional supplements for sports recovery and body care at the beginning of 2014. He was trading for barely a penny by the beginning of April it had exploded a five dollars and ninety two cents a share that means the stock of Green Cures Botanical distribution shot up thirty six thousand four hundred and twelve percent in just about three months that's still not even 2014's top pot stock.
Supreme Pharmaceuticals was they operate a small facility outside of Ontario Canada they grow cannabis for medical purposes during July of 2013 shares were priced so far under a penny you would have needed the Hubble Space Telescope to have seen them by May of 2014. Supreme Pharmaceutical Stock had rocketed up fifty eight thousand seven hundred and sixty seven percent, enough to turn a paltry five hundred dollars into two hundred and ninety four thousand three hundred and thirty five dollars. Of course, those are the headliners from the year but there were plenty of other conservative weed windfalls that were there for the taking as well the international consolidated companies in the marijuana logistics business their stock jumped five thousand and twenty five percent between April and September.
Pot Network Brands itself is your one-stop shop for what's going on in the marijuana industry for the latest news, food and fashion. Between January 31st and March 24th of 2014 its stock rose from 19 cents a share to 14 dollars and 38 cents. That's a seven thousand five hundred and sixty seven percent payday. Tara Tech the previous November, it was trading for six a share by March the stock was up 2195 percent hitting a dollar and 40 cents the previous December.
General Cannabis cost a dollar and 81 cents a share by March of 2014 rose to 48 dollars and 38 cents, that's a two thousand five hundred and seventy three percent spike creative edge nutrition up three thousand nine hundred and sixty nine percent hemp ink up one thousand eight hundred and seventy percent in about three months.
Integrated Cannabis solutions in March it was a five cent stock. In May it peaked one thousand three hundred and seventy eight percent higher at seventy four cents a share. And I already talked about Vape Holdings the small weed company with a former naval nuclear scientist at the helm that was an eight thousand eight hundred and seventy five percent success story.
Now, you might be saying, "Michael these are our exceptional situations rare opportunities," to that I say, "yes, yes they are, they seem to just pop up around the time that new legislation is passed jump back to 2012. This was the year Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana but that wasn't the big story. Washington State and Colorado legalizing recreational use was with Colorado. It took a couple of years for the first dispensaries to open. Now it is a 1 billion dollar industry. In the state, they're collecting one hundred and thirty five million dollars in taxes and fees and whereas forty million dollars of that money going a year to building new schools.
Now, let's look at Cannabis Sativa, a marketer of herbal skincare products. In March of 2012 Cannabis Sativa was trading for 25 cents a share. Two years later, it peaked at 13 dollars and 72 cents. That's a five thousand three hundred and eighty eight percent ride.
CV Sciences shot up seven thousand two hundred and fifty four percent.
Mountain High Acquisitions Corp, the venture launched by that former accountant, its stock ran up thirteen thousand nine hundred percent. This same year would also mark the starting point of the biggest stock in fall I've ever seen.
Praetorian Properties buys up distressed real estate in less than desirable areas it didn't rehabs these lots so they can be sold or leased to marijuana growers in states where weed has been legalized between June of 2012 and March of 2014. Praetorium Property share price rose one hundred and thirty five thousand six hundred and fourteen percent.
Let's put that into perspective over the last twenty five years the share prices of electronics retailer Best Buy rocketed up twenty eight thousand seven hundred and three percent. Computer software maker Microsoft climbed twenty nine thousand two hundred and sixty six percent. Computer hardware heavy weights Cisco Systems soared thirty three thousand six hundred and thirty two percent. Insurance juggernaut UnitedHealth surged thirty seven thousand six hundred and seventy two percent. Money management firm Eaton Vance spiked thirty eight thousand four hundred and forty four percent. Industrial tools manufacturer Danaher rose forty seven thousand nine hundred and thirteen percent and mutual fund manager Franklin resources jumped sixty four thousand two hundred and twenty four percent.
It took Praetorian Properties less than two years to put them all to shame. It was a potential one hundred and thirty five thousand six hundred and fourteen percent payday if you had invested just five hundred dollars in this weed stock. It could have made you six hundred and seventy eight thousand five hundred and seventy one dollars richer. A one thousand dollar stake could have transformed into a nearly incomprehensible 1 million three hundred and fifty seven thousand one hundred and forty three dollars. And there are so many other examples I don't have time to go into them all but I will touch on a few more.
2008, Michigan legalizes medical marijuana that same year Verde Sciences stock starts shooting up two thousand seven hundred and thirteen percent. 2007, New Mexico votes YES on prescription pot by August of 2007 Weber group was trading nine hundred and fifty percent higher than the previous year.

In Lex Aria Corp, 1,500 percent higher go back even further to 1999, the year Maine legalized medical marijuana, beginning that July Eastern Pharmaceuticals went on a 1209 percent tear over the eight months that followed in Med Pharmaceuticals went on its own run culminating in a 1904 percent boost just nine months later and then there was Green grow technologies they manufacture eco-friendly cultivation systems for weed growers between March of 1999 and the following March, Green grow technology stock went on a thrilling 19,500 and 25% ride. And finally, let's go back to 1996 the year California passed Proposition 215 legalizing medical marijuana in the Golden State.

Agra tech Holdings was a pioneer in this industry and like so many others it's never sold an ounce of weed. It builds greenhouse facilities for those that do though. It's safe to say the near certainty of proposition 215 s passing helped move the stock up well before the big vote. However, the lion's share of this three thousand eight hundred and seventy-four percent windfall came after. It did, I think the pattern I've shown you is pretty clear states passed laws that legalize marijuana use and during the build-up to the legislation as well as in the days, weeks and months after certain weed stocks fly higher than the crowd at a Grateful Dead concert.

Consider this in the past states have generally voted in blocks of two or three sometimes only one passes legislation but the election this November could be truly historic. That's because grassroots efforts in 20 states are taking place right now to put marijuana laws on the ballots. But let's handicap the crowd because they've already legalized medical marijuana six dates or as close to sure things as it gets. Look at Arizona passing the state's regulation and taxation of marijuana act could create a 750 3.3 million dollar annual boost to the local economy with about than 13 million dollars being paid as taxes to improve public health and education.

California estimates its adult use of marijuana act could bring in 1 billion dollars a year in revenue and save another 100 million dollars in criminal justice costs. Already Maine is seeing an estimated 75 million dollar boost to their economy just from medical marijuana but if the state's legalize marijuana initiative passes in November that number could grow three or five-fold maybe even higher.

Massachusetts is eyeing a 1.1 billion dollar war chest from legalizing all forms of marijuana. The state's regulation and taxation of marijuana act passing in November could make that a reality. Michigan is already targeting as much as 64 million dollars a year in tax revenue from their existing medical marijuana law and the creation of 10,000 jobs and Nevada has its marijuana legalization initiative. On the November ballot these are just six of the 20 states in play could none of them pass the legislation. Sure, I suppose that's possible but when you consider that 61% of the American public is in favor of legalizing all marijuana use and 81 percent is in favor of allowing it strictly for medical use. The chances are very high that way more than six will legalize or expand their existing marijuana laws.

Ohio for instance could be a wild card in late May. The Ohio General Assembly passed House bill 523 granting limited access to weed for patients who are seriously ill but efforts are underway to put a new initiative. On the November ballot that will amend the Ohio Constitution to expand it much further. Estimates suggest the legalization of marijuana could bring in tax revenue of 554 million dollars a year just in Ohio and overall the United States could collect twenty eight billion dollars in tax revenues a year from legalizing marijuana and that number will only grow as the industry evolves. At this moment, marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug. This absurdly groups it alongside heroin, LSD and ecstasy but facing incredible pressure from the medical community state governments Congress and millions of Americans. The DEA has just made a major announcement they're going to ease back on one of the toughest restrictions on medical research for cannabis and this could open the floodgates for pharmaceutical research funding. Before the DA's announcement medical researchers were only allowed to purchase marijuana from a single government-run dispensary.

In Mississippi, lifting this restraint though could initially put an extra 1.5 billion dollars into the pockets of tiny growers all across the country and with the DA's announcement cannabis stocks could take off to new highs before the first vote is cast on November 8th and then when Wall Street opens for business the next day. On November 9th these same stocks could go into the stratosphere. This is no longer Wall Street's wild wild west. The market has matured and companies across all industries are taking notice. During a recent 130 million dollar spending spree Scott's miracle-gro acquired General Hydroponics whose equipment can be used to cultivate marijuana.

Microsoft has announced it will begin selling software that tracks marijuana plants from seed to sale.

Walmart and Kroger's have gone into business with Marijuana heavyweight Terra Tech. Shoppers can now walk the aisles and choose from their legal crop grown through edible garden. Walgreens is a one hundred and three billion dollar pharmacy chain it operates over 8200 branches in all 50 states. Walgreens has begun sharing the potential medical benefits of marijuana on its website. These are all impossible signs to ignore the prohibition of pot is coming to an end and if you want to join the ranks of marijuana millionaires please pay close attention. As usual, always to your due diligence when it comes to what marijuana stocks to buy before, during, and after legalization.

PostOn November 8th tens of millions of Americans will cast their ballots on one of the most controversial issues in modern history its divided friends families and neighbors and it's caused protests to erupt in major cities from Washington DC in New York to Los Angeles Dallas and even Topeka Kansas. What marijuana stocks to buy before, during, and after legalization? At stake is the future of a taboo vice that has ignited a modern-day Gold Rush yet it has nothing to do with this precious metal but ...